Open Sea Seafood Canada LTd

Open Sea Seafood (Canada) Ltd is a company based in Vancouver, Canada, is a federal registered supplier and CFIA certified.


Our company is proud of itself as offering the absolute highest quality Dungeness crab and service standard that we believe will meet and exceed your expectations.


Mr. Lu Xiang Fu, the president of Open Sea Seafood (Canada) Ltd has 35 years’ experience to operate company in acquiring, processing and transporting live, fresh seafood products to customers as well as China & Canada. In the past ten years in Canada we operate Clair Seafood international Ltd. for export large quantities of live seafood products to China. This year we open a new warehouse named Open Sea Seafood. So we have our own in-house Quality Management Program and complete full inspection reports on all our seafood products. Our team of dedicated specialists work around the clock to ensure we provide high quality products we are proud to stand behind.